What is Myofunctional Therapy?

A series of therapeutic exercises and/or neuromuscular repatterning that help establish nasal breathing, lip seal, and correct tongue posture while resting, speaking, chewing and swallowing.


  • Sessions are usually 20-40 minutes where the patient learns a series of exercises addressing oral function, habit elimination, breathing and sleep.

  • The patient performs exercises at home for two weeks in between sessions.

  • A 12-18 session program is standard length of therapy but depends on age and severity of disorders.

  • If necessary, pre- and post-operative surgical care is included.

  • Recommendations for care from other providers may be indicated.


Therapy can have many benefits. Primarily it can improve muscle strength, function, and range of motion, as well as eliminate unhealthy habits. This in turn improves oral resting posture, creates new correct habits, corrects dysfunctional swallows, and improves breathing patterns.

The effects of just changing these basic habits can be far reaching.

  • Orthodontic retention/prevention of relapse

  • Speech improvement

  • Prevention of reattachment post frenectomy

  • Reduction in snoring and sleep apnea scores

  • Possible reduction of digestive issues

  • Possible reduction in TMJ, myofacial pain, headaches & migraines

  • Possible improvement of ear problems associated with Eustachian Tube drainage

  • Possible improvement in posture